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Our Projects

AI Generated Travel Alerts

The Digital Lab is currently conducting discovery to explore how the Department can leverage AI-powered solutions to automate the process for writing travel alerts. The goal of the AI Generated Travel Alerts project is to decrease the amount of human time spent for manually drafting travel alerts and streamline the process to ensure alerts comply with language, template, and formatting requirements based on key user input criteria. Learn more!

Image of a computer processor board with glowing letters "AI".

Customer Data Platform

The Digital Lab is currently conducting discovery on the “Customer Data Platform (CDP) Profile” project, which is intended to assist Public Diplomacy specialists with user segmentation and distribution based on each marketing campaign target audience and goals. The goal of the CDP project is to enable GPA Digital Content to better segment appropriate audiences based on consolidated user group data such as behaviors, preferences, and interactions across different channels accordingly with the various types of campaigns. Learn more!

Image of man typing on a computer, with screen displaying a Customer Data Platform


The Digital Lab published WhatsApp best practices and technical guidance based on discovery research, and also partnered with the U.S. Consulate Ciudad Juarez to conduct a pilot for leveraging WhatsApp as a news distribution channel to provide the general public with current events, digital stories, and news information on global/regional issues, particularly migration, directly to their phones in their local language. Learn more!

Three dimensional WhatsApp application logo.

Content Commons

Content Commons is a unique tool designed to facilitate digital content sharing between Public Diplomacy practitioners. This website allows teams, missions, and bureaus to organize digital content (videos, documents, and graphics) and distribute it to target audiences. Aprimo, the Digital Asset Management platform hosting Content Commons, resolves challenges surrounding search performance, file grouping, package creation, and access control. Aprimo additionally offers statistics tools to evaluate file use rates. Learn more!

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is an initiative to create and distribute rich, interactive, informative, and inspiring stories told from new and unique human perspectives about the impact of U.S. foreign policy for foreign and domestic audiences. The goal is to communicate in ways that engage, resonate, and inspire our audiences. Since April 2022, the Digital Lab has produced, published, and promoted seven unique, stand-alone digital stories covering a host of Department priorities. Each unique story experiments with a variety of media including video, illustrations, photo essays, and quizzes. Learn more!

GPA Project Calendar

GPA leadership came to the LAB with the task of finding a solution to address the following problem: “the Bureau lacks an easy to use, centralized source of information to understand what content is being produced, when for Bureau and Department Events.” Following discovery, the LAB team proposed a pilot using Trello, creating a testable centralized calendar in a single instance for a select set of users across GPA. The goal of this solution is to provide a consolidated look ahead at the materials being planned and produced for upcoming and evergreen priorities while reducing the time and effort spent reporting on weekly priority items. Learn more!

woman looking at computer

Social Links

Designed as an alternative to costly and unapproved third-party platforms, the easy-to-use Social Links tool was created with Mission personnel in mind and developed in collaboration with PD staff in the field. Social Links is installed on Mission Website Platforms and comes with security standards and branding options already in place. Learn more!

social links

Digital Briefing Book

Lab worked with Press Officers, journalists, and subject matter experts to examine the workflow, roles, and unique dynamics of the day-to-day press inquiries process and researched potential solutions, including existing FedRAMP approved tools and systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. Learn more!

press microphones

Press Inquiries

The Digital Lab was tasked with analyzing the inquiry workflow to provide options and recommendations for enhancing the current process of press inquiries. The primary goal was to ensure the recommended process enhances the overall usability for the Press team. The team recommended Salesforce as the best solution for managing press inquiries. Lab successfully oversaw the onboarding process of the Press Office to the Department’s Salesforce instance. Now press inquiries are managed in an industry standard platform, allowing press officers to respond to members of the press in a timely and organized manner. Learn more!