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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Project Overview

The Digital Lab is currently conducting discovery on the “Customer Data Platform (CDP) Profile” project, which is intended to assist Public Diplomacy specialists with user segmentation and distribution based on each marketing campaign target audience and goals. CDPs are systems designed to collect customer data from all available sources to produce a unified customer database and share information with other marketing technology systems. Benefits include a system of record for customer profiles, improved customer experience, increased velocity and effectiveness of omnichannel marketing campaigns, and control over customer data collection, segmentation, and orchestration through native (out-of-the-box) integration.

The goal of the CDP project is to enable GPA Digital Content to better segment appropriate audiences based on consolidated user group data such as behaviors, preferences, and interactions across different channels accordingly with the various types of campaigns.

Following the discovery phase, the Digital Lab team plans to conduct a pilot with end users to test the effectiveness of a CDP solution.

Image of man typing on a computer, with screen displaying a Customer Data Platform